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Illustrations and descriptions of all the 5 string banjos included: Vanguard, Standard, Blue Ribbon, No.

D-28, D-35, HD-28,HD-35, 7-28, vintage 1938 D-28, D12-18, D12-28, M-36, M-38, vintage F-9 archtop, 0-18, 00-18, 000-18, 000-28, 000-45, MC-28, vintage 1926 000-45, 0-16NY, 00-21, 00-45, 0-18T, 5-18,vintage 1928 0-21, D-18S, D-28S, D-35S, D-45S, vintage D-45S, D12-20, D12-35, D12-41,D12-45, vintage 1930 Octa Chorda.

Basses...RD Artist, RD Standard bass, Les Paul triumph, EB3, Ripper L9-S ,Ripper fretless, G3, Grabber 1978 GIBSON RD SERIES GUITARS catalog - This complete ORIGINAL color catalog shows and describes Gibson's RD SERIES of guitars and basses available at that time.

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Carlos Kit Legacy Classic Liverpool 4 Ludwig Legacy Exotic Drums Ludwig Legacy Components Ludwig Classic Maple Drums Ludwig Classic Maple Overview Classic Maple Quick Pick Kits Ludwig Classic Maple ExoticLudwig Classic Maple Components Ludwig VistaLite Drums Ludwig VistaLite Drums Overview Vistalite Signature Kits VistaLite Zep Set VistaLite Clear Zep Kit Make Your Own Jelly Bean Kit VistaLite Component Drums Ludwig Keystone X Ludwig Keystone X Kit Overview Ludwig Keystone X Drum Kits Ludwig Keystone X Components Ludwig Legacy Mahogany Legacy Mahogany Overview Legacy Mahogany Shell Packs Ludwig Club Date Kits Snare Drums & Accessories Ludwig Snare Drum Overview Brass Snares Black Beauty Snare Drums Black Magic Snare Drums Aluminum Snares Ludwig Acrolite Snare Drums Supraphonic Snare Drums Wood Snares Ludwig Keystone Snare Drums Ludwig Classic Maple Snares Ludwig Exotic Wood Snares Other Ludwig Snare Drums About - Quotes Orders - Info Ludwig Atlas Hardware Atlas Hardware Overview Atlas Standard Hardware Ludwig Atlas Classic Hardware Ludwig Atlas Pro Hardware About The Drum Dealer.com Ludwig Price Quotes & Ordering Discontinued Drums Ludwig Centennial Drums Custom WrapsVideo Reviews and Demos Contact Us & Store Map Policies Dating Ludwig Serial Numbers Vintage Ludwig Drum PhotosLudwig History       Dating Ludwig Drums - Ludwig Serial Numbers Due to the number of requests we receive we are unable to offer individual dating and drum appraisals however here's information from the Ludwig web site on how to date Ludwig drum kits and shells.        See Our Ludwig Drum and Snare Lines         Legacy Classic/Exotic Series        Keystone X Series Ludwig VistaLite Series      Classic Maple Series Snares TheDrumDealer.com a division of Rock N Roll Vintage Inc.

GRETSCH Guitars Album - RARE complete ORIGINAL 5 3/4" x 9" black and white Gretsch guitar catalog in my personal archive.Entitled "Your Album of Gretsch Guitars For 1951" shows and describes thecomplete line of cool early model guitars offered by the famous Gretsch Guitar Company at thistime.

GIBSON "LEGEND LIVES ON" Guitar Brochure - 1989 GIBSON "The Legend Lives on...." brochure is an 8 1/2" x 11" format full color brochure printed on good quality paper containing photos and information on some legendary guitars offered by GIBSON INC.

Parts - Drumsticks, Drum Heads, Drums & Percussion

Illustrations and descriptions of all the 5 string banjos included: Vanguard, Standard, Blue Ribbon, No.

Only presented because the web site has been going down so I wanted it documented here Date Stamp by Year 1964 Serial Number Date Stamp 11362 2/10/64 15429 1/1/64 16860 3/12/64 19878 3/27/64 24024 4/20/64 71265 1/1/64 71488 1/1/64 72614 1/1/64 169647 1/1/64 267000 1/1/64 Date Stamp by Year 1965 Serial Number Date Stamp 108532 3/4/65 113969 3/1/65 114352 3/20/65 119267 1/1/65 122886 3/29/65 125635 1/1/65 155995 5/12/65 162700 6/8/65 184550 1/1/65 191777 6/8/65 195136 8/17/65 204494 9/13/65 226553 11/8/65 22749110/1/65 22880710/1/65 2350919/23/65 25247112/23/65 2857001/1/65 2912524/2/65 Date Stamp by Year1966 Serial NumberDate Stamp 2680697/11/66 2975822/10/66 3119702/5/66 3407981/1/66 3510007/11/66 3550008/2/66 38930412/1/66 4102659/1/66 41938011/19/66 41990011/14/66 4490009/1/66 Date Stamp by Year1967 Serial NumberDate Stamp 3976021/1/67 3982881/1/67 4369131/1/67 4430001/30/67 4660003/2/67 4754122/28/67 4933061/1/67 4980001/30/67 51791011/24/67 5309038/16/67 55218411/3/67 56513512/29/67 Date Stamp by Year1968 Serial NumberDate Stamp 50637111/2/68 5627461/9/68 5723352/6/68 5888933/11/68 5900713/14/68 5907261/1/68 5913101/1/68 6072841/1/68 6072881/1/68 6078353/15/68 6159155/20/68 6566611/1/68 Date Stamp by Year1969 Serial NumberDate Stamp 6734081/31/69 7026611/1/69 7091989/12/69 Date Stamp by Year1970 Serial NumberDate Stamp 8029669/8/70 Date Stamp by Year1971 Serial NumberDate Stamp 8167004/8/71 9100001/1/71   Rebeats.com historian Rob Cook also a personal friend has an excellent book about ludwig drums you can find by visiting his web site.

Shownand described are : TWIN amp, BASSMAN amp, BANDMASTER amp, PRO amp, SUPER amp, TREMOLUX amp,VIBROLUX amp, DELUXE amp, HARVARD amp, PRINCETON amp and CHAMP amp. ludwig serial numbers 80 s

More Welcome to the Vintage Ludwig Drums.com. This site is dedicated to the preservation and documentation of drums produced by the Ludwig Drum Company.,Ludwig Drum Company History. Welcome to the Ludwig Drums History section of the web .,VIDEO WALL CONTROLLERS From 2x2 to 4x4 plus many other configurations. The most economical way to create a huge TV. Great for home theater, trade shows, clubs .

More Information on how to date ludwig drums and serial number lists,Drumsets Export EXX. The Legends of Tomorrow, play Export today. The kit that spawned a thousand drumming legends is back for a new generation. Available in wrapped .,Welcome to the Vintage Ludwig Drums.com. This site is dedicated to the preservation and documentation of drums produced by the Ludwig Drum Company.

More This web site is dedicated to the history of vintage drums. Slingerland Drum History, Ludwig Drum History, Rogers Drum History, Leedy Drum History .,LP 3/8" Angled Rod For LP236C - $12.99 LP L-Rod for LP328 - $11.99 LP 3/8" Diameter Percussion Rod, 21" Long - $17.99 LP L-Rod for LP388N - $8.99 LP 3/8" Rods for .,The history of hypnosis is full of contradictions. On the one hand, a history of hypnosis is a bit like a history of breathing. Like breathing, hypnosis is an .

Vintage Ludwig Drums Thanks for visiting the Vintage .

Ludwig Drums catalog - RARE completeORIGINAL 11" x 8 1/2" fifty-six page catalog in my personal archive shows and describes the complete line of drums and accessories by the Chicago, Illinois DrumCompany at the time as well as banjos.

Loaded with great photos and useful reference information on this maker's early Japanese import instruments......

HOFNER GUITARS & BASSES catalog - complete ORIGINAL color catalogin my personal archive shows and describes: Electric Basses...Hofner 500/1, 500/2, G500/1,, Hofner 500/8BZ,B500/8BZ, 500/6, 185-S.

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