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To YU-ABH with Jugoslovenski Aero-Transport in Yugoslavia.Crashed Aug 15, 1962 Mt Preni near Mostar, Yugoslavia 23627 (MSN 9489) to RAF as Dakota III FD871.

Later N44579, XA-BIN, N165S, HR-263.47438/47439 to USN (85102/85103) Oct 194447440 to RAF as Expeditor II KJ516.

DBR when struck while parkedby Dakota KJ810 (ex 43-4833) at North Luffenham May 23, 194977247 (MSN 16831/33579) to RAF as Dakota IV KP277 Jul 1945.

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Condemned Jun 08, 1945 (Spares)23363 (MSN 9225) to USAAF Mar 15, 1943 - North Africa May 20, 1943 - 8th AF, UK.

AF. W/o Apr 16, 1945 in landing accident at Amiens, France.Condemned Apr 22, 1945, salvage68750 (MSN 11677) delivered Aug 15, 1943 -Oran Jun 1, 1943 - 8th AF - USA Aug 17, 1945 - To RFC Nov 2, 1945 - NC88854Delta Airlines delivered Nov 7, 1945 - North Central Airlines (L ex H H Hill) Apr 28, 1958 - Wright Eng (1964) - Galaxy Airlines Nov 29, 1968 - Pinellas Acft Inc, St Petersburgh, FL Oct 1969 - Houston Avn Prods Corp, Houston, TX 1970 - Aidbv-Air Corp, Ethiopia (Dec 1973) - Shawnee Airlines Feb 7, 1976?

Stored at Hellenic AF Museum, Dekelia AB, Greece49113 (MSN 26374) damaged Jan 17, 1951 (ground accident) Taegu Afb, South Korea.

Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd University of Calgary

Probably MAP delivery to Imperial Iranian AF in 1964.77291 (MSN 16875/33623) 77292 (MSN 16876/33624) converted to C-47D.

Reregistered ST-AAH, then to Sudan AF as 424.Reported 2005 at Caesar's Palace Casino, Johannesburg, South Africa paintedas SAAF 6805 and/or ZS-BMF.49839 (MSN 15655/27100) to RAF as KN23249840 (MSN 15656/27101) to RAF as KN23349841 (MSN 15657/27102) to RAF as KN23449842 (MSN 15658/27103) to RAF as KN23549843 (MSN 15659/27104) to RAF as KN236.

Noted Oct 1976 WFU Oaxaca, Mexico as XA-NAA.18382 (MSN 4420) to USAAF Jun 02, 1942 - 8th AF, UK Sep 16, 1942 - 12th AF, Italy. locate serial number ibm server

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Condemned Apr 30, 1946 (Crashed).18531 (MSN 4623) to USAAF Aug 16, 1942 - African Eastern Desert Dec 02,1942 - NorthAfrica Jun 11, 1943 - Condemned Jul 08, 1944.18532 (MSN 4624) to USAAF Aug 16, 1942 - African Eastern Desert Dec 02, 1942.

May 1983.7731 (MSN 4210) to USAAF Feb 17, 1942 - Puerto Rico Mar 30, 1942 - 10th AF, India, Apr 13, 1942 - wfu Aug 07, 19437732 (MSN 4211) to USAAF Feb 13, 1942 - 5th AF, Australia Apr 14, 1942 (operated for ADAT by Australian crews with callsign VHCDL, VHCCA andVHCDH) - Back to USA Aug 12, 1944.

Might have been HK-157 Apr 1951, not confirmed.7834 (MSN 4333) to USAAF Apr 28, 1942 - Operated by PAA May 14, 1942 - PanamaAug 21, 1943 - USA Aug 21, 1944 - w/o Nov 13, 1944 in crash 3 mi NW of Casper AAF,Wyoming shortly after takeoff.

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