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Network Base address Computer 1 Computer 2 Computer 3 Computer 4 Computer 5 DSL router/Gateway Broadcast address Of the eight addresses, there are six assigned to hardware systems and ultimately only five usable addresses.Links:Subnet calculatorIP Subnetting, Variable Subnetting, and CIDR (Supernetting)Network Classes:The concept of network classes is a little obsolete as subnets are now usedto define smaller networks using CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) as detailed above.These subnets may be part of a class A, B, C, etcnetwork.

Ltd.17d0 Sanford L.P.17d3 Korea Techtron Co., Ltd.17e9 DisplayLink0051 USB VGA Adaptor030b HP T1000377 Plugable UD-160-A (M)0378 Plugable UGA-2K-A0379 Plugable UGA-125037a Plugable UGA-165037b Plugable USB-VGA-165037c Plugable DC-125037d Plugable USB2-HDMI-165410a HDMI Adapter430a HP Port Replicator (Composite Device)4312 S2340T17eb Cornice, Inc.17ef Lenovo1000 Hub1003 Integrated Smart Card Reader1004 Integrated Webcam1008 Hub100a ThinkPad Mini Dock Plus Series 3304b AX88179 Gigabit Ethernet [ThinkPad OneLink GigaLAN]3815 ChipsBnk 2GB USB Stick4802 Lenovo Vc0323+MI1310_SOC Camera4807 UVC Camera480c Integrated Webcam480d Integrated Webcam [R5U877]480e Integrated Webcam [R5U877]480f Integrated Webcam [R5U877]4810 Integrated Webcam [R5U877]4811 Integrated Webcam [R5U877]4812 Integrated Webcam [R5U877]4813 Integrated Webcam [R5U877]4814 Integrated Webcam [R5U877]4815 Integrated Webcam [R5U877]4816 Integrated Webcam481c Integrated Webcam481d Integrated Webcam6004 ISD-V4 Tablet Pen6007 Smartcard Keyboard6009 ThinkPad Keyboard with TrackPoint6014 Mini Wireless Keyboard N59016025 ThinkPad Travel Mouse7203 Ethernet adapter [U2L 100P-Y1]7423 IdeaPad A1 Tablet7435 A789 (Mass Storage mode, with debug)743a A789 (Mass Storage mode)7497 A789 (MTP mode)7498 A789 (MTP mode, with debug)749a A789 (PTP mode)749b A789 (PTP mode, with debug)17f4 WaveSenseaaaa Jazz Blood Glucose Meter17f5 K.K.

Use "Internet Group Management Protocol".(See /usr/src/linux/net/core/igmp.c) cat /proc/net/dev_mcast List multicast interfaces.(See /usr/src/linux/net/core/dev_mcast.c) ping All hosts configured for multicast will respond with their IP addresses ping All routers configured for multicast will respond ping All PIM routers configured for multicast will respond ping All DVMRP routers configured for multicast will respond ping All OSPF routers configured for multicast will respond Multicast Application Programming:Multicast transmissions are achieved through proper routing,router configuration (if communicating through subnets) andprogramatically with the use of the following "C" function librarycalls: Function Call Description setsockopt(int sockfd, int level, int optname, const void* optval, socklen_t optlen) Pass information to the Kernel.

Serial Programming Guide for POSIX Operating Systems

The following table is the pin crossovers: Insert one end of the standard RJ-45 patch cable supplied with the Sun Fire V100 server into Serial A (LOM).

See RPi USB Mouse devicesUSB Real Time ClocksCymbet Cymbet CBC-EVAL-06 USB Real Time Clock (FT2232 to SPI to RV-2123)Device information at http://www.cymbet.com/pdfs/DS-72-22.pdfCode to access the RTC from Linux: https://github.com/owendelong/Cymbet-RTCDoes not require a powered hub.InternetUSB Wi-Fi AdaptersThis section has been moved to a separate page.

Allow ARP to detect the addresses of computer hosts attached to the network.-arpDisable ARP protocol on this interfacepromiscEnable promiscuous mode.

Reverse Engineering Serial Ports – /dev/ttyS0

See RPi USB WebcamsUSB GPS devicesColumbus Columbus V-800 (MediaTek (MTKII) 3329 GPS chipset) - does not require powered USB hub.

This serial port is typically being used by the console and will often require you to use Serial B (/dev/ttyb).

Command line option Description -c Exit after receiving count packets. linux screen as serial terminal

More Linux networking commands, network monitoring tools, configuration examples and administration are covered in this tutorial. The YoLinux portal covers topics from .,RPi Cam Web Interface is a web interface for the Raspberry Pi Camera module that can be opened on any browser (smartphones included) and contains the following features:,Welcome to the USB Video Class Linux device driver home. The goal of this project is to provide all necessary software components to fully support UVC compliant .

More Serial-to-Ethernet Device Servers 3 www.moxa.com Ordering Information Pin Assignment PIN RS-422/485-4w RS-485-2w 1 TxD-(A) – 2 TxD+(B) – 3 RxD+(B) Data+(B),A high-performance, complete and compact serial library for C++; Author: Ramon de Klein; Updated: 13 Nov 2003; Section: Hardware & System; Chapter: General Reading .,Welcome to the USB Video Class Linux device driver home. The goal of this project is to provide all necessary software components to fully support UVC compliant .

More Welcome to the USB Video Class Linux device driver home. The goal of this project is to provide all necessary software components to fully support UVC compliant .,Lists Linux System Management commands including Library management, Module and kernel management, Runtime level management, and,GPIO . The AXP209 has 4 GPIOs which can be addressed from fex files as port:powerN (N in [0..3]). Spec Sheets . File:AXP209 Datasheet v1.0 cn.pdf. File:AXP209 .

12F675 tutorial 7: A PIC based servo controller .

The following table is the pin crossovers: Insert one end of the standard RJ-45 patch cable supplied with the Sun Fire V100 server into Serial A (LOM).

CONNECT FROM SUN SPARC SERIAL PORT *********** ******************************************************************************** --> Connect From Sun SPARC Serial Port From a Sun machine, if you wanted to access the serial console of another computer (ie.

Robotics00e5 USR600000eb USR1120 802.11b Adapter00ec 56K Faxmodem00f1 SureConnect ADSL ATM Adapter00f2 SureConnect ADSL Loader00f5 SureConnect ADSL ATM Adapter00f6 SureConnect ADSL Loader00f7 SureConnect ADSL ATM Adapter00f8 SureConnect ADSL Loader00f9 SureConnect ADSL ATM Adapter00fa SureConnect ADSL Loader00fb SureConnect ADSL Ethernet/USB Router0111 USR5420 802.11g Adapter [Broadcom 4320 USB]0118 U5 802.11g Adapter011b Wireless MAXg Adapter [Broadcom 4320]0121 USR5423 802.11bg Wireless Adapter [ZyDAS ZD1211B]0303 USR5637 56K Faxmodem6112 FaxModem Model 56330bb0 Concord Camera Corp.0100 Sound Vision Stream5007 3340z/Rollei DC31000bb1 Infinilink Corp.0bb2 Ambit Microsystems Corp.0302 U10H010 802.11b Wireless Adapter [Intersil PRISM 3]6098 USB Cable Modem0bb3 Ofuji Technology0bb4 HTC (High Tech Computer Corp.)0001 Android Phone via mass storage [Wiko Cink Peax 2]00ce mmO2 XDA GSM/GPRS Pocket PC00cf SPV C500 Smart Phone0a01 PocketPC Sync0a02 Himalaya GSM/GPRS Pocket PC0a03 PocketPC 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Android Fastboot Bootloader2008 Android Phone via MTP [Wiko Cink Peax 2]200b Android Phone via PTP [Wiko Cink Peax 2]0bb5 Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd0bb6 Network Alchemy0bb7 Joytech Computer Co., Ltd0bb8 Hitachi Semiconductor and Devices Sales Co., Ltd0bb9 Eiger M&C Co., Ltd0bba ZAccess Systems0bbb General Meters Corp.0bbc Assistive Technology, Inc.0bbd System Connection, Inc.0bc0 Knilink Technology, Inc.0bc1 Fuw Yng Electronics Co., Ltd0bc2 Seagate RSS LLC0502 ST3300601CB-RK 300 GB External Hard Drive0503 ST3250824A [Barracuda 7200.9]2000 Storage Adapter V3 (TPP)2100 FreeAgent Go2200 FreeAgent Go FW2300 Expansion Portable231a Expansion Portable2320 USB 3.0 bridge [Portable Expansion Drive]2321 Expansion Portable2322 SRD0NF1 Expansion Portable (STEA)2340 FreeAgent External Hard Drive3000 FreeAgent Desktop3008 FreeAgent Desk 1TB3101 FreeAgent XTreme 640GB3312 SRD00F2 Expansion Desktop Drive (STBV)3320 SRD00F2 [Expansion Desktop Drive]3332 Expansion5020 FreeAgent GoFlex5021 FreeAgent 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If you use MobaXterm inside your company, you should consider subscribing to MobaXterm Professional Edition: your subscription will give you access to professional .This is a project for Arduino and Raspberry Pi to make an Internet Radio, aimed at intermediate skill level. Some familiarity with Linux usage will be beneficial (or .

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Brainboxes Bluetooth to RS232 Serial Adapter 1 Port Male - BL-819 Compact, Award winning Brainboxes RS232 Adaptor (BL-819 - male connector or BL-830 female connector .Copyright © 2010 Future Technology Devices International Limited 1 Document No.: FT_000173 FT2232D /FIFO ICDUAL USB TO SERIAL UART Datasheet

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Each such virtual storage device (image file, iSCSI target or physical hard disk) will need to be connected to the virtual hard disk controller that VirtualBox .lsscsi. lsscsi. Introduction; Overview; Command line interface; Transports. ATA; FC; 1394; iSCSI; SAS; SATA; SPI; SRP; USB; Examples; Download and Build information .

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